Himalayan salt, which is used to create Himalayan Salt Lamps, is one of today’s most sought after items in the world of nutrition and holistic health. Over the years, researchers and health experts have discovered a plethora of uses for this incredible product. Salt lamps are ideal for daily use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices with air-conditioning, in fact anywhere you want to restore or preserve the natural air quality. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a beautiful and natural alternative to artificial ionizers.

Due to their beautiful and rich colours, salt lamps are also used in colour therapy, i.e. chromo therapy. Salt lamps have also been appreciated by Feng Shui art connoisseurs. The lamps are hand excavated from salt deposits at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and great care is taken to retain their natural beauty. Even when the lamps are cool, they have some beneficial effect, but when lamps or tea lights are lit, the gentle heat they generate produces a far higher number of negative ions.


Basically crystal salt lamps are known as salt lamp commonly. Crystal salt lamp is totally made from Himalayan rock salt and a light is inserted inside the lamp. A wooden base and wire is also connected with lamp. It is known as salt lamp. They are made from natural salt that comes from mines. The manufacturer takes out salt from mines and then makes lamps from them by forming different shapes from them.


We are living in a fast and electronic environment. Our different work are relate to electronic machines. These machines make our life easier in our offices, homes and working places but the bad thing is that these electronic machines produce positive ions that are very dangerous for human beings. EMF is very dangerous for our health. There is pollution in our environment nowadays. These positive ions also effect on our moods and fitness. We use many electronic things like: Computer monitor, Television, Vacuum cleaner, Microwave oven, Electronic heater, Dryer, Refrigerator. You can use ionizer to fresher you room but these are expensive and difficult to use but the salt lamps on the other hand are economical.


Ionize are the vitamins of the air. Negative ions make the: Air clean and fresh, Healthy for human beings, Reduces allergy, Control bacteria of pet animals. These negative ions are very good for our health and fitness. Negative ions can be produce with a source of energy like in a very: High temperature, Fire, Radio-activity, Friction, Evaporation, Glowing hot object. Crystal salt that is in his natural form produces negative ions for human beings but when we add a light inside the salt crystal then it produces more and more negative ions in a high rate that become more effective for us. Negative ions are very essential in places like artificial places, air conditioned rooms and in polluted area.


These lamps are made with hands and some machines are used to shape them in a proper way. In this simple way, a beautiful, mind blowing and attractive crystal lamp is ready for us. The salt lamps are available in different and beautiful colors like off white, apricot and warm pink. A small light is inserted into the lamps that enlightens the lamp and make it warm. Then the lamp produces negative ions and gives us light. Ions are also called the vitamins of the air on which our body cell builds and make air fresh and clean. Nowadays, we are living a polluted and mechanized life. Salt lamps play a significant role in making the air fresh.


Himalayan salts are producing many salt lamps of different sizes and shapes. Himalayan salts helps to produce at least 300 shapes of lamps that are hand craved. Enjoy the mind blowing beauty of salt. These lamps are available in these shapes like full moon shaped lamp, cylinder shaped salt lamp, lotus flower shaped salt lamp, flame shaped salt lamp, bowl shaped lamp, diamond shaped salt lamp, bear shaped salt lamp, dinosaur shaped salt lamp, elephant shaped salt lamp, monkey shaped salt lamp, cat shaped salt lamp etc. These salt lamps are also available with religious crafts like ALLAH Almighty salt lamp, praying hand shaped salt lamp and religious salt lamp like church salt lamp, cross salt lamp etc.


Rock salt lamp looks beautiful, gorgeous and makes the area pretty where they are placed. It makes your room decorated. It dims light create a very romantic and soothing environment. If the light is switched off and on, it looks a unique piece of art.


The lamp has long life but the light bulb that is used inside the lamp need to be replaced time to time. You can purchase the light bulb easily from any local shop.



Health Benefits

Ions are molecules or items of oxygen with or without electrons. An electronically charged molecule is called a negative ion, whereas a molecule that has lost its electrons (Generally due to polluted air caused mainly by electronic appliances functioning indoor.) are called positive ion which effectively neutralize or kill the harmful positive ions in these surrounding areas.

Negative ions have a positive effect on human health as they provide cure from allergies, hay fever, cold flue, asthmatic attacks, headaches, sinus, annoyance, stress, anxiety, migraine and diseases of sexual sphere.

Moreover, they decrease the tension and strain by enriching the immune system, increase the lungs capacity, enhance attentiveness and boost the efficiency.


Scientific Studies

A series of scientific studies show that salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count lay up to 300% in nature negative ions are created by means of wind, sunlight, surf, water falls and rainstorms.

In fresh country air we find up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeters the size of a sugar cube.

Near strong surf or close to a water fall up to 10000 negative ions can be found, however the number of negative ions in major capital cities at rush hours does not even reach 100. It is scientifically proved that Ayub Salt Lamps produced negative ions as founded in fresh air.

Medical Benefits

Natural salt have been used by the medical community since the medical times and to this day are thought to reduce bronchial congestion, asthma, insomnia, depression, allergies, viruses, sinusitis and migraines by emitting negative ions, significantly reduce a myriad of indoor air pollutants.

Negative ions have known benefits and may provide relief from sinus, migraine, headaches, allergies and hay fever, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity and concentration, increase lung capacity and reduce susceptibility to cold and flue.

Because of their color they are also use in color therapy.

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